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To ensure you and your family are always in good physical health, the providers at Abilene Family Medical Associates recommend scheduling annual wellness visits. At our office in Abilene, Texas, our team of experienced doctors offers comprehensive health exams to check your overall well-being and monitor existing health conditions. Schedule an appointment for an annual preventive exam online or by calling Abilene Family Medical Associates today.

Preventive Annual Exams Q & A

What can I expect during an annual wellness exam?

During an annual wellness exam, your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider reviews your medical history and discusses any new symptoms or concerns you may have since your last visit.

You can also expect a full physical exam, where your provider inspects various parts of your body for abnormalities. They inspect your muscle strength, skin health, lungs, and heart, and feel your internal organs for any abnormalities.

Your annual wellness exam is also the perfect opportunity to get up to date on any immunizations and ensure the lifestyle choices you’re making are good for your health.

What kind of tests can I expect during an annual exam?

If you’re in otherwise good health, you may not need any additional tests beyond a physical exam. However, if you have existing health conditions or your Abilene Family Medical Associates doctor finds areas of concern during your exam, you may need more testing.

Testing, such as bloodwork and X-rays, may be used to rule out other medical conditions or to confirm a diagnosis. 

What can I do to prepare for my annual preventive exam?

To make sure your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider has all the information they need, it helps to come to the appointment prepared with the right information. You should bring lists with the following information:

  • Medication names and dosages you’re currently taking. It is helpful if you bring the medication bottles with you.
  • New symptoms you have
  • Personal & Family history of chronic medical conditions

If you recently had tests or medical notes from another doctor, you should bring that information to your appointment as it can help you avoid the cost and time of repeat testing.

What if I have an existing health condition?

If you have an existing health condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or if your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider discovers a new health concern during your visit, you may need to schedule more frequent appointments for chronic disease care.

During your annual examination, your provider determines if existing treatments are working well for you. However, they may need to see you more often if your condition is difficult to manage or you need follow-up testing.

Keep your whole family healthy with annual preventive visits. Schedule an appointment today using the online booking feature or call the office in Abilene directly.