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While many people go through periods of feeling down or worried without long-term consequences, you may need the compassionate help of the team at Abilene Family Medical Associates when symptoms of depression or anxiety become overwhelming. The experienced providers at the Abilene, Texas, family practice offer diagnostic and treatment services for chronic depression and anxiety so you don’t have to suffer alone any longer. Call Abilene Family Medical Associates or schedule a consultation online today.

Depression & Anxiety Q & A

What is the difference between depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are two different conditions that often occur at the same time. As a result of having one condition, you may develop the other.

With depression, you may struggle with your normal routine because of persistent sadness and a lack of interest in your usual activities that lasts for two weeks or longer. Depression can interfere with how you think, your quality of sleep, and your emotional health.

Anxiety is a condition that causes you to unnecessarily worry or be fearful about events or situations. This fear or worry can worsen over time, making it difficult for you to stay focused or participate in your usual activities.

What are the symptoms of depression and anxiety?

Depression can cause you to feel sad, unworthy, or have thoughts of suicide. You may find it difficult to work and interact socially, preferring to be alone or sleep excessively.

With anxiety, you may have depression as well as other symptoms such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Muscle tension
  • Restless feelings
  • Inability to control worry

In some cases, anxiety can include episodes of acute symptoms, known as an anxiety attack. During these episodes, you may find it difficult to breathe, have a racing heart, or experience a physical shaking of your muscles.

How are depression and anxiety diagnosed?

If your symptoms are overwhelming and interfering with your life, you can discuss them with your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider. They can evaluate the severity of your issues to determine the best course of treatment.

In some cases, based on your health history, your provider may suggest bloodwork or other testing options to find out if depression or anxiety relates to an underlying medical condition.

What treatment options are available for depression and anxiety?

Initially, your provider may recommend making lifestyle changes to improve the severity of your depression or anxiety. These changes may include improving your diet and getting more exercise. If you still struggle with symptoms, your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider may recommend talk therapy to help you better manage your mental health.

If these therapies aren’t effective, you may need medications, such as antianxiety or antidepressant medicines. There are a variety of medications available, and it may take some time for you and your provider to find the right type and dosage to alleviate your depression and anxiety symptoms.

Don’t delay treatment of the overwhelming symptoms of anxiety or depression. Call at Abilene Family Medical Associates or schedule a consultation online today.