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When you can’t find relief from chronic allergy symptoms, it may be time to consider the benefits of immunotherapy. At Abilene Family Medical Associates in Abilene, Texas, the experienced medical team offers an innovative approach to preventing allergy symptoms using immunotherapy. With this treatment, the knowledgeable providers can help you better manage seasonal and chronic allergies for the long term. Find out if immunotherapy is right for you by calling Abilene Family Medical Associates or scheduling an appointment online today.

Immunotherapy Q & A

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for allergies that works by training your body to become less allergic to certain stimuli. This treatment option is a preventive form of therapy for chronic and seasonal allergies to help keep you symptom-free.

There are two main types of immunotherapy available, including:

  • Allergy shots
  • Allergy drops

Shots are generally the most common form of treatment. However, if you can’t tolerate shots, your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider may recommend sublingual treatments using drops.

How does immunotherapy work?

Immunotherapy works by exposing you to the allergens that cause symptoms. Over time you receive gradually increasing doses of the allergen, encouraging your body to react less severely when exposed to the allergy trigger.

As a result of treatment, your body increases its production of antibodies that block your allergic reactions. Treatment can also reduce inflammation that causes asthma and chronic sinus problems.

When do I need immunotherapy?

When your allergy symptoms interfere with your usual routine and other allergy treatments aren’t working, you may want to consider immunotherapy.

Common allergy symptoms that can become disruptive include:

  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes
  • Dry cough
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Shortness of breath

In some cases, allergies can cause persistent nausea or vomiting.

How long do I need immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy shots or medications are usually necessary every few months over the course of three to five years to help reduce your allergy symptoms. Your provider provides immunotherapy treatment in a comfortable office environment and monitors you for an allergic reaction at least 30 minutes after your procedure. Otherwise, you can go home without restrictions.

Generally, you can expect to see an improvement of your allergy symptoms during the first year of treatment. With additional immunotherapy, you can achieve significant desensitization to certain allergens and may not need to continue therapy. However, everyone is different and your Abilene Family Medical Associates provider can determine the best treatment for your allergies based on your specific health needs and the severity of your symptoms.

Learn more about preventing disruptive allergy symptoms by calling Abilene Family Medical Associates or using online booking to schedule an immunotherapy consultation today.